The choice of kitchen layouts most of the house owners desire an island above anything else. The island is great if you were allotted with the room. They create extra space for work, a place for family and friends and also for the storage. But at some instant peninsula is the better option, it has three sides of circulation vs. the island has four, that they have one end usually attached to the wall.

Sure, there is the kind of kitchen called peninsula layout, which is in U-shaped layout. After seeing this kitchen you will put the peninsula at the most top of your wish list. Kitchen islands are useful and versatile, but this is not only the option, but there are also peninsulas. Kitchen Island or peninsula it always depends upon you.

kitchen island



The designs of kitchen peninsula vs Island are shown below;

An island allows the house owner with two more design choices;

  1. Match the style, construction of the kitchen to get a unified look. This includes the countertops, woodworks and other design details.
  2. A contrasting piece in the kitchen, that is choosing the contrasting colors and designs from the rest of the room. This will give a transition into the next room in the floor plan.

A peninsula is most likely to design to combine with the existing cabinet space to create an aesthetic appearance. If the other cabinets are natural stones matching them will be difficult so probably require replacing all the countertops.

Difference between island and peninsula

The difference between an island and peninsula are as follows:

Kitchen Island

It is the most popular kitchen layout we frequently see. This island is in like nature, standing entities with no borders. This island can serve different functions including storage space, counter space and space for family and friends to sit and eat and even you can locate your cooktop and sink as a wall. The kitchen island is versatile and will be a centerpiece of the kitchen.



A peninsula is very similar to the kitchen with one main difference that is a peninsula is always attached with a wall on one side, by where the island is free-standing. This peninsula kitchen is more popular among smaller kitchens and it is easier to incorporate into the kitchen design. This type of kitchen will help you to improve L-shaped kitchen space and acts as a border between the kitchen and the dining areas.

While the kitchen island and the peninsula are quite similar and the clear differences that make one or other the better fit for your home can be used.