Leathered surfaces are with a very soft sheen, but it looks much less shiny than the glossy look of polished slabs. Most of us don’t have an idea about what is leather granite is the answer is here, a Leathered granites usually have fingerprints, water spots, and smudges well. Usually leathered finish is often used for countertops and other outdoor applications.

Leathered surfaces often give a royal look and feel. In practice they can also be lower maintenance, it shows fingerprints and watermarks less conspicuous than the glossy countertops. So this appeals owners to buy the leathered countertops who don’t want to clean frequently.

One of the benefits of these leathered countertops gives the contrast of the shiny cabinets. This thing attracts the customers and they are starting to sell in hundreds in numbers in recent days.

leathered countertops


Advantages of leathered granites

Some of the pros of leathered countertops mentioned as below:

It provides an attractive look while updating historical homes if you have an older home while renovating you can use these leathered granites to get a classy new look. It gives an immediate city look which you experience with this type of product but it has a rough texture when compared to polished stones.

Receive a more natural look, these leathered countertops provide a finished look that is natural in your home. There are a variety of textures and tones in this granites you can choose them based on your choices. Multi-color options are also now available on markets but most of them prefer the dark earth tones. Other than those gray, dark brown and black families can also be tried it will give you an excellent look.

leathered granitesDifferent levels of leathered granites are also available when you started to shop for leathered granite you get to understand that there are different levels of textured granites in the market. Some items are perfectly smooth, which can be the best choice to get upgrade your kitchen countertop. When you are searching for outdoor requirements then the superior level of texture will be good that feels bumpy to touch.

There is the availability of natural level of bacterial resistance with leathered granites, the leathering process on the surface of the granite is an advantage. Because the pores of the stones are get tightened so that the foreign thing cannot get in. A microfiber towel is enough to clean the surface there is no need for any chemical cleaners.

These are all some of the benefits of leather finished granites and it will be the best option for renovating your kitchen to a new upgraded modular kitchen.