Garages are typically a residential space for one or more cars. A garage protects the vehicles from precipitation and also from the theft and vandalism. It gives a type of protection to your vehicle. Adding a second story to a garage add significant weight to the original house. Before starting up there should be detailed plans and engineer’s input along the way. Critical structural details like beam sizes should all be noted down and check about your estimation plans.

Architect’s opinion about remodeling should be good enough and the cost of the project should be in the value range. Your experienced remodeler needs this information to pull permits.

Bonus room over the garage can make a substantial change to your current home’s curb and also increase your living space. However, remodeling projects have a broad range of complexity and challenges.

second story to a garage

Challenges of second story addition about garage

Blending the new exterior over the existing exterior can be challenging from a fit and to a finish perspective and it forms an aesthetic perspective. Most of the times the existing house may build at some years back in those cases we have to match the bricks and the mixtures used to build the new portion it is a very difficult one. The garage is a large structure so that the architect should be aware of that and should give attention to it.

Creating a balanced cooling and heating place, it is critical and also can be very challenging. The comfort of energy efficiency and protecting pipes from the freezing is the heating and cooling system’s process.

Creating a transition from the existing interior living space to new space above the garage it is somewhat challenging to do but there is several modern techniques are available now to do that most easily.

Making a bedroom over a garage needs to extend the pipelines to the new bathroom and the drains of the bathroom above the garage can be challenging it may give a significant impact on the existing house.

One of the biggest challenges of this process is aligning the new floor over the garage, this involves the shortening or increasing the height of the existing garage walls and changes to the window headers so that only the new floor can align correctly.

Insult the voids of the garage ceiling and the building above garage. A second story addition over garage needs a proper plan to complete the work and the remodeler should have enough idea about it too.