Textured walls are great for closing a multitude of construction sins, but it is not that much easy to paint a textured wall. Painting textured wall is quite challenging with all those even coverage and crisp lines. While an attractive way to update the peeling finish, knockdowns, etc., attempting to paint a textured wall is always been a trying task. Traditional paintbrushes may fail to fulfill your wish.

For painting the textured wall modern paint techniques should be used to coat them evenly manner. Either roller or modern paintbrushes are used to paint the textured wall. Paint rough walls to check the color reflections and quality of paint before painting in the textured wall. The paint applicator is wider and thicker with flexibility.

Materials required

  • Interior paint with a semigloss sheen
  • Drop cloths
  • Painters tape
  • Puffy knife
  • Liquid dish
  • Battery operated work light
  • Paint primer for problematic surfaces
  • Vacuum with the attachment of paintbrush
  • Small roller cover and work gloves
  • Paint roller trays and rotator

Steps to paint textured wall

To paint over textured walls follow some of these steps to look more even and attractive.

Step 1– Choose a proper primer designed for textured surfaces. It may be either a white or tinted primer that should relate to the color of the paint. Latex paint easily adheres to the textured wall but the oil-based primer not that much easily sticks to the surface of the textured wall.

Step 2– Choose either an oil-based primer or latex primer with low maintenance finish that is it should highlight the details of the wall texture. That may be a satin or semigloss sheen other than a flat matte finish.

Step 3– Place all of the furniture at the center of the room and then cover it with a trap to protect them when you begin to paint textured walls. Lay some of the additional cloths below the painting area. Before beginning, work check once all the switches are on-off and then detach the electrical appliances and cover the light switchboards to avoid paint strain.

paint a textured wall

Step 4– Fill the holes and devots on the surface of the textured wall using a shackling compound and putty knife. Let the compound cure the issues based on the package instructions. This will be an important step.

Step 5– Use a vacuum to eliminate all the dust on and between the grooves using a vacuum with a brush.

Step 6– Fill a paint tray with primer and then load a wall brush or paint roller. When you are painting a textured wall first apply a coat of primer on the wall in w shaped up to maximum coverage. If there is discoloration or any other cosmetic flaws on the wall it will be cleared after the first primer coat, follow the second primer and allow them to dry completely.

Step 7 – Later paint the wall of the desired color using a paint roller to get even spreading and then allow them to dry completely until drying should not disturb it.