Removing paint from metal is quite a task. There are several products on the market to make it easier. With some patience, you can strip off all colors or varnish from the metal pieces.

There are so many methods for stripping paint from metal like using chemical, or some other ways. While restoring antiques, refinishing ornaments or removing graffiti and any other marks, stripping paint and some other coatings from metal take time and paint removal products are used.

Tips to strip paint from metal

To strip paint from metal some of these techniques can be used;

remove paint from metal

Removing paint with chemicals

Removing paint from metal using chemical removers is the best option. Before buying any chemicals just read the label once so that you can choose the method you likely to be used. There is the availability of liquid, aerosol and paste paint removers.

Liquid removers dry quickly so this will be the best option for a small piece of hardware, but aerosol sprays can cover a large item in a short time.

Follow the instructions on the remover. Most of all require that covered with metal solution, wait for it to activate and then rinse the stripping steel in the water now paint will be easily removed.

Removing paint with baking soda

This is an effective way to get paint off metal. If it is small hardware put it on boiling water and then add enough baking soda into water. Allow them for half an hour. When you pull the metal from the pot you can see the paint peeling off from the metal. It is the easiest way to remove the paint on metal. If you don’t want to use the hazardous chemicals to remove the paint, removing paint using baking soda will be the greatest option.

Removing with heat

An alternative method for removing paint from metal is using heat. Simply soak the metal pieces inside the soapy water. Turn on the pot and let the soap and heat work on the paint. Later gently scrub the loosened paint off using a nylon brush.

Use your cooker

If you want to remove the paint from metal, collect those pieces of metal and put all hardware into your cooker and cover with water, then add 2 tablespoons of liquid detergent. Cook on low overnight. The paint will come off easily and remaining paint is removed through gentle scrubbing of the toothbrush.

In case you are using chemicals to remove paint protect yourself and the surface around the items, use gloves to protect your skin.